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I will support the practices and philosophy of yoga in my relationship with The Yoga Solution, other teachers and my students. I will make a conscious effort to create a space for my students where they will feel calm, safe, nurtured and honored. My time with them is dedicated to each individual and their healing process.


Jennifer Sadugor

B.A., AVI Certified Yoga Therapist,
E-RYT/500 hour level Yoga Teacher

Jennifer relocated in 1996 from Los Angeles to Sacramento where she founded The Yoga Solution. Jennifer teaches Hatha Yoga in the Iyengar tradition. Classes are adapted for all ages and levels with a primary focus on alignment, form, breath work and deep relaxation.

She has taught yoga classes at the YMCA, Sierra Community College, California State University, Sacramento, Sutter Senior Care Center, Mercy Women’s Center, Options for Recovery, Planned Parenthood, Gold River Racquet Club and Natomas Racquet Club. Jennifer is teaching a series of yoga classes at Mercy Hospital. Jennifer, a hospice volunteer, also teaches at UCDavis Hospice Bereavement program on a regular basis. She currently teaches classes to a group who have MS or other physiological/neurological issues. Jennifer conducts private sessions upon request.

Jennifer also works therapeutically with students who are dealing with chronic pain, anxiety, panic attacks, grief, and cancer.

Jennifer’s primary teachers are Donald Moyer, Judith Lasater and Mary Lou Weprin. She is a graduate of the 500 hour Advanced Studies/External Degree Program from The Yoga Room in Berkeley, CA. Jennifer also received her certificate as an AVI Certified Yoga Therapist with master yoga teacher, Gary Kraftsow.

RUBY ALCARTADO  |  Ruby has been studying and practicing yoga at The Yoga Solution since 2007.  She completed The Yoga Solution 200-hour Advanced Studies/Teacher Training program in August 2009.  In addition, Ruby received her certification at Mama Tree Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training in January 2014 and Yin Yoga Teacher Training certification in December 2015. Ruby has been teaching since 2009 and continues to actively study, train and practice. She is honored to teach at The Yoga Solution and extremely grateful to Jennifer Sadugor, Owner and Founder, for creating a community where students and teachers can continue to learn and grow. Ruby says, “My deepest gratitude goes out to my students and my teachers Jennifer Sadugor, and Donald Moyer, who I was privileged to have worked with for too short of a time, but who will forever influence my yoga practice.”

Kat Sholan Sun  |  Kat Sholan Sun has been committed to her personal hatha yoga practice since 1996. She completed her first 100-hr Anusara style yoga training in 2003, then a 700-hr Iyengar style training in 2005, and has had the great blessing to study with a wide range of teachers and styles since that time. Kat has been teaching yoga consistently since 2012, and teaching in Sacramento since 2014. Her class offerings have evolved into a slow rhythmic practice – focused on breath, embodiment, alignment, present moment awareness and gratitude. She is excited to share the power of this transformative practice with others on their wellness journey. For more information, please visit www.sholansun.com

JEANNE COURTNEY  |  Jeanne Courtney, LCSW, has studied, practiced and taught Dayan Qigong with Master Hui Liu at Wen Wu School in El Cerrito, CA. She is a senior teacher at Wen Wu School, where she taught Dayan Qigong ‘Second Set’ for a decade after Master Hui Liu’s retirement, and continues to teach the Pai Da Gong form.  She has also practiced Guan Ping Yang Tai Chi & Sword form, Shao Lin and various other Martial Arts and health maintenance forms.

A UC Berkeley graduate and Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Jeanne worked for many years with people living with chronic health conditions.

Jeanne enjoys teaching beginners, mixed level groups and advanced students, as well as collaborating with other teachers, and has taught Wild Goose, First Set, in Mexico, and at Kripalu and Esalen retreat centers, and currently also teaches in Sacramento.

LINDA EISENMAN  | Linda Eisenman has studied meditation and yoga for over 30 years, and in 2020 studied Hanna Somatics through the Novato Institute.  She is endlessly fascinated with the movement of the human body.  Her goal is to see every senior citizen supple and conscious in their movements.

DIANE HOLLAND  |  Diane began studying yoga at The Yoga Solution in 2008. Wanting to gain more knowledge about yoga, she enrolled in the 2012/13 Advanced Studies/Teacher Training Program with Jennifer Sadugor (Owner and Founder of The Yoga Solution) and Elke Brown, only as an advanced studies student. Over the course of the year, with encouragement from Jennifer, Elke, fellow students and friends, she discovered her inner teacher and completed the 200-hour teacher training. She now shares her love of yoga with others. Diane has completed the abridged Yoga 4 Seniors teacher training program, is a certified Yoga for Healthy Aging teacher and Judith Lasater Relax and Renew® Level 1 trainer. She continues her yoga journey by taking a variety of workshops.

FRAN LEE, CYT  |  Fran discovered yoga as a new mom in the mid-1990’s, and it was love at first Downward Facing Dog! Despite some gaps, she still found herself returning to her mat, her essential space, experimenting with different styles of practice. Fast forward to 2009 when she completed a 200-hour teacher training at The Yoga Solution. She teaches Thursday mornings at The Yoga Solution and also a weekly class at St. Anthony Parish in Sacramento. As a teacher and a lifetime student, she wants to help others gradually and gently adapt yoga to suit our present bodies, providing more freedom and function = FUN in our daily lives.

MATT PETERSON  |Sifu Matt Peterson

Sifu Matt has been practicing Guang Ping Yang Tai Chi for 19 years. He studied under Grandmaster Henry Look the founder of Tri Internal Martial Arts (TIMA). Sifu Matt is a Sifu through TIMA and has been teaching Guang Ping Yang Tai Chi for 5 years. Sifu Matt is certified Tai Chi Chuan instructor and Tai Chi for Balance Level I instructor through the Guang Ping Yang Tai Chi Association.

BOB ROSENBAUM  | Bob Rosenbaum and Jeanne Courtney are senior teachers from the Wen Wu school, certified by Master Hui Liu in the Dayan Qigong tradition of Master Yang Meijun. Bob and Jeanne each have over 25 years’ experience teaching qigong and have offered programs at Kripalu, Esalen and centers students all over the world.

PHIL SMITH  |  Phil’s experience of yoga began with a copy of Richard Hittleman’s Yoga: 28-Day Exercise Plan that he picked up as a teenager. For several years, he used it as a guide for an on-again/off-again home yoga practice. He began a serious studio practice of yoga in 2006, and he has been studying and practicing at The Yoga Solution since 2009. Phil has studied a variety of yoga styles including Iyengar, Vinyasa (Flow), Bikram, Power, and Yin. He completed his yoga teacher certification at the White Lotus Foundation with Ganga White and Tracey Rich in Santa Barbara. His classes at The Yoga Solution incorporate classic yoga postures, slow vinyasa routines, and pranayama (breath exercises) as well as the use of bandhas, mudras, and relaxation techniques to enhance the yoga experience.

ANATOLY SOSHILOV  |  Anatoly has been practicing yoga for more than 20 years and teaching for 5 years. He received his 200-hour training in the Anusara style, which combines elements of traditional yoga philosophy and pranayama, Ashtanga asana practice and anatomically-based alignment. Apart from yoga, Anatoly has extensive background in dance and different forms of physical exercise. In his teaching, he emphasizes alignment, taking care of injuries and injury prevention, creative approaches to poses.

KAREN TERCHO  |  Karen, a certified Iyengar yoga teacher, has practiced Iyengar yoga since 1999 when she was captivated by the creativity and integrity of the style as well as the high skill and knowledge levels of its teachers. She believes that in fostering strength, symmetry, and an inner journey to self-awareness, yoga results in more joy and less worry in the mind and the body. She completed 350 hours of teacher training at the Iyengar Institute of San Francisco (IYISF), and she is grateful for Kathy Alef, Janet MacLeod, and Heather Haxo Phillips as her teachers and mentors, as well as for the teachings of B.K.S. and Geeta Iyengar.